Las Vegas, NV – This week, Congressman Heck celebrated the anniversary of his half a decade in Congress.  How did the ethically-challenged Congressman celebrate the occasion? Well, he voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Again. But this shouldn’t be surprising.  After all, since going to Washington half a decade ago, Congressman Heck has voted with his Party’s leadership over 90% of the time, and with the Koch Brothers nearly 80% of the time. He’s voted for reckless budgets that turn Medicare into a voucher program, supported a Republican shutdown of the federal government, called Social Security a “pyramid scheme” that “isn’t working,” opposed comprehensive immigration reform, and opposed raising the minimum wage. 


But while he has spent half a decade in Washington throwing Nevada families under the bus, Congressman Heck has been vigilant in protecting perks for politicians like himself.  He has voted to allow members of Congress to travel on private jets on the taxpayers’ dime.  And Congressman Heck not only voted to shut down the government, he still accepted his taxpayer-funded salary in the process!


“While Congressman Heck has certainly enjoyed the taxpayer-funded perks of being in Washington for half a decade, Nevada families have continued to struggle to make ends meet under his watch,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson.  “For half a decade, Congressman Heck has voted with his Party’s leadership against Nevadans while consistently protecting perks for politicians like himself and sending taxpayers the bill.”