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Trainwreck AG Adam Laxalt Endorses Ted Cruz

Posted in Press | 01/13/16 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – The NV Dems are shocked to hear reports that the most shamelessly partisan Attorney General in Nevada’s history went on right-wing radio this morning to endorse Senator Ted Cruz, one of the most divisive presidential candidates in recent memory. In 2014, humiliating performance reviews revealed that Laxalt’s former law firm thought he was an incompetent “trainwreck” of an employee who lacked “basic skills” and required “babysitting.” For the #CruzCrew’s sake, we hope Laxalt will turn out… Read More »


Posted in Press | 01/07/16 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – This week, Congressman Heck celebrated the anniversary of his half a decade in Congress. How did the ethically-challenged Congressman celebrate the occasion? Well, he voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Again. But this shouldn’t be surprising. After all, since going to Washington half a decade ago, Congressman Heck has voted with his Party’s leadership over 90% of the time, and with the Koch Brothers nearly 80% of the time. He’s voted for reckless budgets that turn Medicare… Read More »

2,200 Excited Nevada Democrats Rally in Advance of First in the West Presidential Caucuses

Posted in Press | 01/07/16 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – In advance of Nevada’s First in the West presidential caucuses on February 20th, 2,200 energized Democrats rallied in Las Vegas tonight to hear from Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders at the Nevada State Democratic Party’s “Battle Born/Battleground” First in the West Ca Read More »


Posted in Press | 12/22/15 | By Nevada Democratic Party

With less than two months to go before Nevada’s First in the West Democratic caucuses, voters in the Battle Born State are once again poised to play a critical role in shaping the course of the presidential electio Read More »

With Lindsey Graham Out, Entire 2016 GOP Field Opposes Immigration Reform with Path to Citizenship

Posted in Press | 12/21/15 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – With South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (this guy) suspending his presidential campaign today, it’s official: not a single candidate in the Republican presidential field in 2016 supports immigration reform that would strengthen our economy, fix our broken system and create a path to citizenship for undocumented imm Read More »

Congressman Heck Essentially Votes for Another Government Shutdown

Posted in Press | 12/18/15 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Zach Hudson released the following statement after Congressman Heck voted against a bipartisan agreement to keep the government ope Read More »

Ted Cruz Campaigns with Nevada Seniors While Promising to Undermine Their Retirement Security

Posted in Press | 12/17/15 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – Two days after the GOP debate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was back in Nevada today to hold a town hall at a community for seniors. We wonder if the folks in attendance agree with Cruz’s view that Social Security is a "Ponzi Scheme," or if they like his three-point plan to raise the Social Security retirement age, cut benefits and privatize the program. We also didn’t hear him explain why he supports turning Medicare into a… Read More »

Congressman Heck Says He’s Still Open to Supporting Donald Trump

Posted in Press | 12/16/15 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, after Nevada Democrats not-so anonymously took over the Las Vegas Review-Journal website to pressure ethically-challenged Congressman Heck to finally give an answer on whether he would support Donald Trump if he wins the GOP nomination, Heck gave a revealing response. Congressman Heck said he was “reserving judgment” on who he would support as the Republican nominee. What does that  Read More »

NV Dems Statement on Republican Presidential Debate in Las Vegas

Posted in Press | 12/16/15 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – The Nevada State Democratic Party released the following statement in response to last night’s Republican Presidential Debate at The Venetian in Las Ve Read More »


Posted in Press | 12/15/15 | By Nevada Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – Before you ask – no, we are not the anonymous new owners… Today, on the day of the Republican Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada Democrats announced the takeover of the Las Vegas Review-Journal homepage with ads holding ethically-challenged Congressman Heck accountable. While he rushed to endorse GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s plan to repeal birthright citizenship, Congressman Heck so far has refused to say whether he would support Trump if he wins the Republican nomination. The… Read More »

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