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Trainwreck AG Adam Laxalt Endorses Ted Cruz

Posted in Press | 01/13/16

Las Vegas, NV – The NV Dems are shocked to hear reports that the most shamelessly partisan Attorney General in Nevada’s history went on right-wing radio this morning to endorse Senator Ted Cruz, one of the most divisive presidential candidates…


Posted in Press | 01/07/16

Las Vegas, NV – This week, Congressman Heck celebrated the anniversary of his half a decade in Congress. How did the ethically-challenged Congressman celebrate the occasion? Well, he voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Again. But this shouldn’t be surprising. After…

2,200 Excited Nevada Democrats Rally in Advance of First in the West Presidential Caucuses

Posted in Press | 01/07/16

Las Vegas, NV – In advance of Nevada’s First in the West presidential caucuses on February 20th, 2,200 energized Democrats rallied in Las Vegas tonight to hear from Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders at the Nevada…

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